Another way we want to help you connect is to have a small group of believers with whom you can enjoy true Christian fellowship.  We think of our Sunday morning crowd as our “extended family.”  Let’s face it, you’re not going to know every person in the crowd on Sunday mornings.  And that’s okay.  But we want to help you connect with a small group of people (most groups range from 6 – 20 people) with whom you will develop friendships and be known by name.  If Sunday morning is your “extended family,” then LIFE groups could be thought of as your “immediate family.”  These are the people with whom you can share specific prayer requests, discuss the Bible, give and seek advice, and just enjoy good Christian fun and relationships.

Most of our groups meet on Wednesday nights so that they correspond with the times that our nursery, children’s, and youth programming is taking place at the church from 6:30 – 8 PM.  However, you may notice below that a few meet at different times.  Check out the list of groups below and email the group leader for more info.  Or you can always stop by the Connection Counter after a Sunday morning service and ask for help in finding the group that is right for you.